Dirty Mercy might be magic.  It’s been hinted at.  Most people won’t say it out loud.


Tan laughing Opa 513

Their blended vocal healing powers are practically legendary.  There are some that feel that a Dirty Mercy fix will improve their entire day.

Dirty Mercy Band are a vocal revelry.

They are merriment with a mandolin.

Frolicking Americana, even.

Formed via fortuitous friendship serendipity, the band has shifted between duo and multiple members over the past 10 years, with Tanya Winch ever at the headwater.

Through clever harmonies, woody guitars, a little mandolin, and even a super-glued homemade egg-shaker, they comfort and delight with hours of luscious originals and thoughtfully selected covers. It has been rumored that Dirty Mercy Band are a party in a can.

Doug Pegg, Matt Giles, Susie Pollard and Tanya Winch have spent many years learning each other’s musical peccadilloes while making harmonic ear-candy.  After all this time, they remain tickled to make music together … and it shows.  Dirty Mercy Band is fun. They will play you some good tunes and it’ll most likely make you feel happy.

Dive on in.  The water’s fine.