As I Get Older

As I get older, it becomes clearer and clearer to me … life is about daily ‘wins’.  Wins that are never posted, photographed or remembered by anyone but me.  The wins that remain jogging through my memory – that are easy to poo poo because they aren’t celebrated by anyone other than me … that didn’t make me a dime of income … or make my life easier …  or raise awareness for an important cause.  Those wins.  The simple wins.  It is entirely possible that they are appreciated by others at the time, or even for a time, but these ‘wins’ have years long celebratory effects on me.   I am STILL celebrating playing Kulak’s Woodshed with the Sally Zito Band.   It was a great gig for me & Doug.  Shoot, the jam session in Sally’s living room with Matt, Dave & Anna the night before was magical!!!  I cannot even explain how meaningful it was and real and good for our souls.   Thank you from deep within.  Thank you for including us.  Thank you for Matt being willing to play with us.  Thank you for giving us shelter.  Thank you for feeding us cheese.  There was magic in that room that night.  That was a win.  A big win.  I’ve got a video to prove it.  Check out Still Practicing from that evening …


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